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dogschwitz  concentration camp for washed up sled dogs



click on the link above to check out this incredible video about frank rich's kennel


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When the Frank Rich case broke in January 2011, Rich was discovered to have 174 dogs in his kennel in Willow, Alaska. Apparently he told the media he bred "pretty dogs to look at..."

guess who was living across the street?

Iditarod musher Matt Hayashida, who failed to ever report the abuser next door

he heard those dying, suffering animals every day...and did nothing

guess who's truck was parked at the kennel?

Iditarod musher David Straub, who is a convicted animal abuser himself

why was he there during the 2007 kennel inspection when 24 dogs were euthanized?

a picture speaks a thousand words

Click on individual photos to take a closer look...


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